At Utah PaperBox, sustainability is one of six core values we live by.
We have worked hard to become a sustainable and environmentally friendly company.


We take pride in the work and effort it took to make our corporate headquarters LEED Gold Certified.


We have installed an impressive solar array on our building roof as well as a solar carport! Click HERE to see what we're generating right now!

Watch below to see what our solar array does for UPB:


We use FSC® and SFI sourced paper.
So, we will never land your brand on the news for cutting old growth forest!

Clean Air

Our President Steve Keyser sits on the board for Leaders for Clean Air. We are committed to making the greater Wasatch Front a better place to live.

Charging Stations

If you come visit us, you can plug into one of our electric vehicle charging stations located in our parking lot. We have installed level 2 electric and hybrid car charging stations, completely supplied by our solar power system! We currently have associates who use them to charge plug-in hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. There's also our solar carport!
With our investments in solar power, we hope to encourage more to drive these vehicles as a benefit for the air quality in Salt Lake City.

Press Cooling

We used to have 20 ton AC units cooling our presses. When we relocated, our new presses would have needed a 50 ton unit! We thought there is something wrong with AC units running when it was 25 degrees outside. So, we installed giant fan cooled radiators to cool the presses. When the radiators reach 100 degrees, they are cooled with water. It is estimated we are saving enough energy to power over 70 homes!


We installed GPS Sun Tracking skylights which always reflect the maximum available sunlight into the building, replacing the need for 50 light fixtures!


At UPB, we utilize scrap carts and we segregate the scrap into 7 categories. We even bail spent stamping foil, which used to go to the landfill. We get revenue for our scrap and virtually everything is recycled. As a result, we get a good source of income from doing the right thing!